New This Month


Citrus Garland

Photography: James Merrell

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2014/January 2015



Artificial kumquat and lemon branches, by Winward, from $7 a branch,
Grapefruit Orange (VPG192), Weighted Grapefruit Orange (VQG093), Weighted Orange (VQO825 and VQO918), and Lemon (VPL182), from $2.25 each, Allstate Floral, 800-433-4056
Copper mesh, $30 for 100',


  • Copper-mesh tubing

  • Artificial or real citrus

  • Floral wire

  • Fresh bay leaves

  • Colorful ribbon

  • Cord or twine


  1. Open copper-mesh tubing and add fruit 1 piece at a time. Move pieces of fruit down tubing, twisting mesh between fruit to separate them. For a natural look, add fruits in random order. Continue adding fruits until garland reaches desired length.

  2. With floral wire, attach small bunches of bay leaves and kumquats in between citrus; add ribbon.

  3. Tie finished garland to banister with cord or twine.

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