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Leonian Flower

Make these beautiful beaded flowers to go along with our Leonian napkin rings, perfect for your holiday table or anytime of year.

Source: Martha Stewart


When making the wire flower, refer to our illustration.


  • 3-mm-thick Leonian wire

  • 30-gauge tinned copper wire

  • Wire cutters

  • 24-gauge wire

  • Assorted beads to achieve desired look

  • Lametta tinsel


  1. Bend 3-mm-thick silver Leonian wire to form a 1 3/8-inch petal. Continuing on the same length of wire, repeat to make six petals total. When necessary, secure petals at center of flower with 30-gauge tinned copper wire.

  2. After forming flower, cut 6 separate 5-inch lengths of 24-gauge wire. Attach an end of one wire to the inner tip of one of the petals. Slide beads onto the wire according to the pattern in photo and illustration. Wrap end of wire around the curved end of the petal, and trim. Repeat for remaining petals.

  3. Cover the center of the flower with lametta tinsel, wrapping through the centers of the petals.

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