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Leonian Napkin Ring

To bring the beading to your table, make these festive napkin rings.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Leonian wire

  • 28-gauge wire

  • 6 mm beads

  • Wire cutters


  1. Cut 24 inches of Leonian wire.

  2. With your hands, make three 1 1/4-inch petal-shaped loops at one end of the wire; use 28-gauge wire to secure where necessary. Repeat at the other end of the wire.

  3. Slide three 6 mm beads onto a 4-inch piece of 28-gauge wire. Twist ends of wire together to form a circle. Trim. Repeat to make another circle.

  4. Using 28-gauge wire, attach circles at center points of the petal loops.

  5. Wrap ring around a rolled napkin, shaping Leonian wire as necessary.

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