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Snowflake Ornament with Interior Detail

This detailed snowflake ornament is easier to make than you would think and will add sparkle and shine to your tree.

Photography: Charles Masters

Source: Martha Stewart


We used an alcohol-based art marker to tint some of the glass beads for this snowflake.


  • Metal or glass beads

  • Snowflake form

  • Wire cutters

  • Glue

  • Chain-nose pliers

  • Lametta tinsel

  • 24-gauge wire

  • Round-nose pliers


  1. To create your snowflake form, follow the soldering instructions.

  2. Slide glass beads onto wire form in the desired sequence (refer to photo). As you add the last bead to each spoke, clip the wire so that bead is flush with end. (You may need to remove the bead, cut the wire, and then return the bead to its spot.) Add a dab of glue to secure. When you reach the last spoke of the armature, do not clip the wire. Instead, use chain-nose pliers to gently form a loop for hanging the snowflake.

  3. Cover the center of the snowflake with lametta tinsel, weaving it over and under spokes.

  4. Cut one 30-inch length of 24-gauge wire. Using photo and illustration as a guide, attach wire to 1 spoke of the snowflake, wrapping it between two beads on the spoke. Slide beads onto the wire in desired sequence. Using round-nose pliers, loop the wire to secure, then feed it back through the last bead, twisting wire at angle so it points to the adjacent spoke. Slide on more beads in reverse order, then attach the wire to the adjacent spoke. Repeat process, making your way around the center of snowflake. Trim excess.

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