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How to Solder

When soldering, use a wooden plank as a work surface. It will burn during the process.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Music wire

  • Plank

  • Pencil (optional, for drawing form on plank)

  • Tape

  • Rosin flux

  • Solder wire and iron


  1. Cut four 14-inch lengths of music wire. When creating the snowflake form, you may want to first draw a guide on plank. Place the first wire vertically in the center followed by the remaining wires at 45-degree increments. Tape each wire end to plank at least 3 inches from center of form.

  2. After wires are secured, apply a small amount of rosin flux to the center (this will help the solder adhere to the wires). Place solder wire at the joining point, and apply soldering iron to wire. Solder will melt. After it has cooled (a few seconds), check to see if joint is secure. It may be necessary to apply solder wire and iron between music wires as well. Let cool about 1 minute and remove.

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