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Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

These snowflake ornaments make a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree, but they would also be lovely on gifts or hanging in your window.

Source: Martha Stewart


Small snowflake armatures (3 3/4 to 9 inches) are available at crafts stores and online. You can make larger armatures (12 to 18 inches) by soldering music wire.


  • Metal or glass beads

  • Wire form

  • Chain-nose pliers

  • Glue

  • Lametta tinsel


  1. If working with metal beads: Slide beads onto the wire form in the desired sequence. Anchor the beads by twisting the wire ends into a loop with chain-nose pliers. If working with glass beads: Slide glass beads onto wire form in the desired sequence. As you add the last bead to each spoke, clip the wire so that bead is flush with end. (You may need to remove the bead, cut the wire, and then return the bead to its spot.) Add a dab of glue to secure. When you reach the last spoke of the armature, do not clip the wire. Instead, use chain-nose pliers to gently form a loop for hanging the snowflake.

  2. Cover the center of the snowflake with lametta tinsel, weaving it over and under spokes.

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