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Beaded Napkin Boutonniere How-To

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 24-gauge wire

  • Store-bought spray of clear, teardrop-shaped beads

  • Wire cutters

  • Fabric glue

  • 1/4-inch-thick metallic ribbon

  • Napkin or gift box


  1. Attach a 24-gauge wire to a pink beaded flower to form a stem.

  2. Wire stem to a store-bought spray of clear, teardrop-shaped beads.

  3. Cut off bottom of spray's stem so that 2 inches remain.

  4. Using fabric glue to secure, run a 1/4-inch-thick metallic ribbon down stem and back up other side. Then wrap ribbon around itself to cover the stem completely. Secure end with fabric glue.

  5. Attach to napkin: Tie napkin with the metallic ribbon, and slide in boutonniere. (Alternatively, use boutonniere to decorate a gift box. Tie box with the metallic ribbon, and slide in boutonniere.)

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