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Pink and Silver Floral Bouquet

To make an anchor for the arrangement, cut a piece of floral foam to the size of the vase, cover in pink fabric, and then insert it into the vase. To make the spray on the gift box, see the napkin boutonniere how-to.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 24-gauge wire

  • 30-gauge silver wire

  • Store-bought spray of clear, teardrop-shaped beads

  • Artificial greenery

  • Vase

  • Floral foam covered in pink fabric


  1. Make pink beaded flowers according to these instructions.

  2. Tightly wind an 8-inch piece of 24-gauge wire over and under the petals of each beaded flower, at the center, to create stems.

  3. Using 30-gauge silver wire, attach each stem to a store-bought spray of clear, teardrop-shaped beads.

  4. Arrange beaded sprays and artificial greenery in the vase as desired, inserting stems and wires into the floral foam.

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