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Gold Beaded Trim How-To

Finish our gold beaded stocking (or any Christmas stocking) with this sparkly gold beaded trim.

Photography: Charles Masters

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Needle and thread

  • Small, gold beads


  1. On thread that matches stocking fabric, create a string of beads in desired pattern that is long enough to go around stocking, plus extra for the swag. Knot thread on both ends.

  2. Tack one end of thread to a side seam on the cuff. To tack, pass needle from the inside of the stocking to the front, through a bead, and then back inside again; knot in back.

  3. To create a garland swag, tack the string of beads to the cuff at intervals (2 1/2 inches works well). Tack end to other side of cuff.

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