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Wreath with Beaded Flower and Buds

Golden beads become jewel-like decorations for a Christmas wreath. The beadwork flowers have wavy wire stems (they get their shape when the wire is wrapped around a spool). Picks attached to gold beads are planted throughout the boughs, and the wreath is finished with a two-tone ribbon.

Photography: Charles Masters

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 26-gauge wire

  • 2 mm beads

  • Long, petal-shape beads in two sizes

  • Chain-nose pliers

  • Wire cutters

  • 30-gauge silver wire

  • Flower-center beads

  • Glue

  • 24-gauge wire

  • 20-gauge wire (for stems, optional)

  • 3 mm silver bead

  • 30-gauge gold wire

  • Bud tip beads

  • Small, gold oval bead

  • Glass-bead picks


  1. Make the first petal: Cut a 12-inch length of 26-gauge wire. Slide a 2 mm bead onto the wire. Secure bead by looping and twisting wire as shown in the illustration. Slide a long petal-shape bead onto the wire, below the first bead.

  2. Make additional petals: Pull wire back against the long bead, creating a V shape. Slide a long petal-shape bead onto the wire, followed by a 2 mm bead. Using chain-nose pliers and your hands, feed the wire back through the long bead and out the other end. Repeat the process until you have made five petals total.

  3. After finishing the last petal, wrap excess wire around the base of the first petal; secure by continuing to wrap the wire over and under the bases of the other petals. Cut wire near base.

  4. Make flower centers: Cut a 3-inch length of 30-gauge silver wire. Slide a 2 mm bead onto the wire, stopping at the wire's halfway point. Twist the wire at base of the bead to secure. Slide one flower-center bead over wire until it abuts the small bead. Secure with a dab of glue.

  5. Insert wire into middle of flower petals. Wrap wire under base of petals, and trim excess. Repeat process to make more flowers. For the wreath we used two sizes of flowers, one made with large beads and one with small. To attach flowers to a wreath, proceed to next step. Alternatively, create stems by attaching a length of 24-gauge wire to each flower.

  6. Cut two 8-inch lengths of 20-gauge gold wire. Thread a 3 mm silver bead onto end of one. Fold edge with chain-nose pliers; add a dab of glue. Wrap beaded end of wire around a wire spool to curl it; gently loosen to create a curve. Repeat with remaining wire. Twist the wires together about 3 inches from straight end to make a sprig. Using 30-gauge gold wire, attach a flower above twist. Make a bud: Follow step 4, cutting a 4-inch length of wire and using one bud tip bead and one small gold oval. Attach bud to sprig. Repeat process to make more sprigs.

  7. Fasten the sprigs to a wreath, bending wires around base to secure. Fill in wreath with single flowers and glass-bead picks.

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