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Advent Ornaments: Grosgrain Ribbon Cones

Kids undecorate this tree! Make these grosgrain ribbon cones or our wide ribbon pouches, one to open each day starting December 1. 

Photography: Simon Watson

Source: Martha Stewart


Offering candy favors in these colorful cones is almost like giving bouquets.


  • 6-inch- or 8-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • Needle and thread, or fabric glue and straight pin

  • Candies like Jordan almonds or mints

  • Champagne glass, for presentation

  • Tinsel or paper, for hanging presentation

  • Pearl bead, for hanging presentation

  • Heavy silver thread, for hanging presentation


  1. Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon to a 6-inch length; machine-stitch along cut edges to keep them from fraying.

  2. Roll the ribbon to form a cone shape. Hand-stitch to secure cone, or use fabric glue, anchoring with a pin until glue dries.

  3. Stuff ribbon cones with candy and slip into fluted Champagne glasses to help ring in the New Year. Or sew a loop of heavy silver thread through a pearl bead and the pointy edge of cone's opening, and hang from a Christmas tree; stuff bottom of cone with tinsel or paper before adding candies so it will balance properly while hanging.

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