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Butterfly Ornament

This glittery butterfly ornament spreads its wings on our tinsel tabletop tree while adding a bit of whimsy.

Source: Martha Stewart


Glass beads from vintage tree garlands form a butterfly.


  • Miniature glass beads

  • 30-gauge wire

  • Big eye beading needle (optional)

  • 2 bugle beads (ours are 2mm)

  • 24-gauge wire with silver bouillon

  • Crinkle wire


  1. Thread a small glass bead onto a 16-inch length of 30-gauge wire, using a beading needle if desired. Bend the wire in half with the bead at the center. Feed seven colored beads in the middle. Slip a bugle bead (ours are 2mm) on each wire to make antennae, and top with tiny beads; loop wire ends around, and feed back through bugle beads to secure.

  2. For wings, wrap an 18-inch length of 24-gauge wire with silver bouillon. Shape into wings, leaving 1 1/2 inches of wire free at the end. Gently wrap crinkle wire across wings. Place wings on body, and wrap remaining end of crinkle wire between center beads to secure.

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