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Ice-Mushroom Lights

Photography: Ryan K Liebe

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2014/January 2015



Blanda Blank serving bowls, in Stainless Steel, from $3 each,
Surform shaver, by Stanley, $6.50,


  • Metal or plastic bowls

  • Disposable paper cups or plastic takeout containers

  • High-traction gloves

  • Drill

  • Flat boring bit, 1 1/2 inches

  • Surform shaver

  • Battery-powered tea lights


  1. Fill bowls and cups or plastic containers with water, leaving 1 inch at top of each to give water room to expand. Freeze completely.

  2. Run hot water over bottoms of vessels until ice pops out.

  3. Place bowl-shaped ice flat-side down on scrap wood. Wearing gloves, hold ice securely. Drill all the way through center of ice with boring bit, being careful not to let ice slip away. (If top or bottom of cup-shaped ice is uneven, use shaver to flatten.)

  4. Set cup-shaped ice outdoors, wide-side down. Set bowl-shaped ice “tops” flat-side down on “stems.” Place tea lights inside bored holes.

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