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Sash Bow How-To

Photography: Anna Williams

Source: Martha Stewart


To make a triple-loop sash bow with extra-long tails, start with four pieces of satin ribbon: one 16 inches long, one 20 inches, one 24 inches, and one 4 yards (for the tails). For a double-loop sash bow, eliminate a layer of loops. For shorter tails, use a smaller length of ribbon. Notch if desired.


  • Ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue

  • 20-gauge wire


  1. Make loops: For each of the three shortest ribbons, fold ends toward the center, overlapping them; secure with fabric glue. Stack loops. Lay the 4-yard piece across the center of the loops, and knot.

  2. Rotate knot to back of bow. Trim ends of tails at an angle. Slide 20-gauge wire through knot at back for hanging.

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