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Layered Loops Bow How-To

Learn how to make this bow and use it on packages or hang several on your tree as ornaments.

Photography: Juengel, Karl

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Ribbon

  • Fabric glue

  • Scissors


  1. Make loops: Bend an 8-inch-long ribbon into a circle, attaching ends with fabric glue. Repeat to create two or three more circles, each ribbon 2 inches longer than the one before it. Pinch each ribbon together at center; put a tiny dab of glue there to secure. To create the topmost loop, wrap a piece of ribbon around your thumb, and glue ends together. If you would like to add tails, notch a length of ribbon at both ends. Stack loops, smallest to largest with tail underneath.

  2. To connect loops and tail, wrap them with a short piece of ribbon: Slip it through the topmost loop and wrap around all of the layers; glue its ends together at bottom of bow. Let dry.

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