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Two Cooks In the Kitchen: Martha Meets Mrs. Patmore of “Downton Abbey”

One of the stars of the PBS Masterpiece hit series “Downton Abbey” came by to meet Martha and tour the test kitchen, where we're cooking up a collaboration!

We had quite the afternoon here at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia headquarters in Chelsea. British actress Lesley Nicol -- best known on this side of the pond as Mrs. Patmore from “Downton Abbey” -- paid us a visit to check on a very noble project we’re working on: Gingerbread Abbey, a festive version of the series' beloved castle.


Martha graciously gave Lesley a tour of our kitchens (talk about a power pair!), where all of the amazing recipes we publish are born. We were lucky to have some one-on-one time with “Downton Abbey”’s most famous cook. 

When asked how our own kitchens compare with those on the set of her beloved PBS show, Lesley replied, “[They're] very different; very impressive and professional here. Not like our kitchen at Downton; we have a lot of pans and jelly molds there.” 


As for Martha, she adores watching “Downton Abbey.” “It’s a perspective on a place and a time that for me is like a fairy tale,” Martha said. “It’s such a refreshing program to watch on television: the drama, the good acting, the fabulous sets.”


Season five of “Downton Abbey” starts on PBS Masterpiece Sunday, January 4. Martha will be watching; will you?


Photography by: ©Stephanie Berger.