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The Ultimate Holiday Baking Playlist

What can make holiday baking even more fun? Try a well-curated playlist that you can dance around the kitchen to! Ashley Foxen, owner of Reality Bites Cupcakes, shares her favorites tunes of the season that are guaranteed to get fingers working and your toes tappin'.

While I’ve been serious about baking for almost three years, I’ve been serious about music for so much longer. I can remember my first concert (The Spice Girls), and the first CD I received from my dad for my eighth birthday (The Beach Boys, "Endless Summer").


My taste in music has changed over the years. Typically when I bake, I’m listening to my Frank Sinatra Pandora station, or country music (figure that one out). If I’m baking in the evening, Frank is wonderful background music -- throw in a glass of red wine and it’s pretty much the ideal evening. Country music is perfect for when I'm baking during the day and need to listen to something a little more fun and upbeat that I can sing along to -- no shame.


But there's one time of year I am 100 percent consistent in my music selection: the holidays. This is the only time I know I can overplay my favorite songs without fear of soon hating them. (Okay, fine, by December 26 I want nothing to do with Christmas music, but December 1 through December 25, I’m all for it.)


Now that I’m feeling festive and the holiday orders are coming in fast and furious, I have created what I believe to be the best mix of both genres (and don’t worry, a few others too). How, you ask? Check it out! Click below to listen to my Ultimate Holiday Baking Playlist, and get bakin'!