Feed a houseful of hungry guests the easy way, without standing behind the griddle for hours. How? By letting them help themselves from a gorgeous selection that offers something for everyone.
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

The strategy: you do the setup and they do the serving. Let your guests help themselves, creating their own sweet or savory flavor combinations. Toast a few trays of hearty whole-grain bread and offer the slices with platters of meats, smoked fish, and cheeses; bowls of fruit; presliced or precooked vegetables; soft-cooked eggs; and, of course, plenty of options for schmearing, drizzling, and sprinkling. Here are some suggestions -- but really, the options are endless.

• Sauteed Spinach with Garlic + Soft-Cooked Egg (For perfect soft-cooked eggs: Boil water, add eggs, cook 5 minutes. Drain -- and you're done.)

• Raspberry Jam + Aged Goat Cheese

• Coconut Oil + Banana + Coconut Flakes

• Sliced Ham + Dried Apricots

Smashed Tomatoes + Bacon + Parsley

Maple Syrup + Flaxseeds + Pecans

Labneh + Grapes + Almonds

Smoked Salmon + Scallions

Grainy Mustard + Salami + Cucumber

Credit: Marcus Nilsson


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