Feed a houseful of hungry guests the easy way with a hearty toast spread and plenty of topping options.
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

If you need to feed breakfast to a crowd, make sure you have a strategy. Best case scenario? You do the setup—they do the serving. This model doesn't work with every breakfast food, though, which is why we'd like to suggest a breakfast "bruschetta" bar. Allow your guests help themselves to their own sweet or savory topping combinations on mini slices of toasted bread.

Just slide a few trays of hearty whole-grain bread in the oven, then plate them next to platters of meats, smoked fish, and cheeses; bowls of fruit; presliced or precooked vegetables; soft-cooked eggs; and, of course, plenty of options for schmearing, drizzling, and sprinkling.

Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Here are some suggestions—but really, the choices are endless.

  • Sautéed Spinach with Garlic + Soft-Cooked Egg
  • Raspberry Jam + Aged Goat Cheese
  • Coconut Oil + Banana + Coconut Flakes
  • Sliced Ham + Dried Apricots
  • Smashed Tomatoes + Bacon + Parsley
  • Maple Syrup + Flaxseeds + Pecans
  • Labneh + Grapes + Almonds
  • Smoked Salmon + Scallions
  • Grainy Mustard + Salami + Cucumber


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