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Christmas Checklist: Holiday Drinks

Milk may be Santa’s beverage of choice, but we go for something more festive come holiday time! Whether you prefer warm and spicy or cold and creamy, you’ll find a seasonal sip to enliven your holiday menu.



  • Just a few ingredients -- egg yolks, sugar, milk, cream, and nutmeg -- create the wonderfully distinctive flavor of this favorite holiday drink.
  • Eggnog recipes can be spiked to your liking with rum, bourbon, or brandy, or enjoyed in nonalcoholic form by guests of all ages.
  • Eggnog is delicious straight from the glass, but we’ve also used it to create flavorful holiday desserts -- including cheesecake bars and panna cotta. Try a splash in your morning coffee, or swap it in for the heavy cream in your favorite bread pudding or baked oatmeal recipe. You can even turn it into French toast!

Fruity and Festive

  • Steeping wine with fragrant additions like cinnamon, cloves, citrus, and peppercorns -- with a dash of brandy thrown in too -- makes a warming wintery take on sangria that’s easy to serve to a crowd. Try our classic mulled wine recipe.
  • A bowl of sweet, strong holiday punch lends a festive air to any occasion. Trade standard mixers for seasonal fruits like blood orange, cranberry, and pomegranate.
  • A signature cocktail is just the thing to rouse the holiday spirit. See recipes for candy-cane cocktails, eggnog martinis, and more.

Rich and Chocolaty

  • Which is bliss: ignorance, or a mug of homemade hot chocolate? We’d vote for the latter, as would anyone who’s swapped store-bought packets for stove-top potions from scratch. Minty or nutty, spicy or spiked, extra-creamy or dairy-free -- we've got a version to please every palate and chase away every chill.
  • When it comes to finishing touches, marshmallows and whipped cream each have their devotees. In the end, it comes down to what you’d like to add: a sweet, sticky cap, or a creamy swirl that infiltrates every sip.
  • A bring-your-own-mug hot chocolate bar makes an easy, fun party idea. Pour a big batch of cocoa into a heat-proof dispenser, and let guests load up with chopped candies, chocolate shavings, sprinkles, and -- of course -- whipped cream and marshmallows.