How to Make a Rosette Christmas Tree Topper

You won’t believe how easy it is to craft an intricate rosette that's perfect for topping a Christmas tree!

What You'll Need


  • Martha Stewart All-Purpose Scissors
  • Paper
  • Martha Stewart Scoring Board
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • 1-inch paper circle


  1. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette1-mrkt-1114_vert

    Cut 6-inch-tall strips of paper. Cut enough for a combined length of 56 inches.

  2. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette2-mrkt-1114_vert

    Score the strips of paper at 1-inch intervals.

  3. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette3-mrkt-1114_vert

    Accordion-fold each strip of paper along the scores, then attach the papers together using double-sided tape to make one long strip.

  4. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette4-mrkt-1114_vert

    Scrunch the strip together tightly! Hold the block of folded paper with one hand and then draw three lines across one side of it.

  5. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette5-mrkt-1114_vert

    Unravel the block slowly, cutting off the top of each fold at an angle. Use the mark as a guide.

  6. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette6-mrkt-1114_vert

    Cut out triangles along the other guide marks to create intricate designs. Make as many marks and cuts as you'd like.

  7. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette7-mrkt-1114_vert

    Create a cylinder shape with the strip and attach the ends with double-sided tape.

  8. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette9-mrkt-1114_vert

    Gather the top of the cylinder to form a cone shape, then push it flat on the table to create the rosette.

  9. mscrafts-content-ekholidayrosette8-mrkt-1114_vert

    Using a glue gun, squeeze hot glue onto the center of the rosette and seal it with the 1-inch paper circle.

  10. Hold the small paper circle in place until it's completely dry, then add it to the top of your tree! (If you liked this project, you'll love decorating with the DIY fringe tree and paper circle garland.)

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