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DIY Fringe Tree

Who said you need an 8-foot Douglas fir to make your home feel festive? While we love the real thing, this DIY fringe tree is a fabulous way to use your excess gift wrap and tissue paper and wow your holiday guests.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Paper

  • Washi tape (or painters' tape)


  1. Fold a few sheets of tissue paper in half and cut the paper about 8 inches from the folded edge. Set the fringe cutter to 6 1/2 inchesĀ and follow the instructions on the packaging to create 1/2-inch-wide fringe along the folded edges of the paper.

  2. Using washi or painters' tape, make a triangular tree shape on the wall. Ours was 5 foot 6 inches tall, with a 5-foot base.

  3. Working from the bottom, tape rows of fringe to the wall. Make sure you hide the tape!

  4. Continue adding rows of fringe until the tape guidelines are completely filled in. We had about 18 rows. (If you liked this project, you'll love decorating your tree with the large rosette and paper circle garland.)

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