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Edible Art: Thanksgiving Pie Edition

First you eat with your eyes, right? Well, you’ll certainly devour these images of irresistible holiday desserts from our "Pies & Tarts" book, which highlights the pastry chef as artist.


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Senior Digital Food Editor
Photography by: Caren Alpert

Buttermilk Cream Tart

Who would ever have thought you could turn apples into roses? Here the puff pastry frames the apple bouquet. Just divine, right?

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Photography by: Johnny Miller

Rum-Vanilla Cream Pie

A grown-up pie: Beneath those innocent piped stars of vanilla whipped cream is a kicky rum custard.

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Photography by: Matthew Hranek

Pear-Cranberry Pie with Faux Lattice

What’s faux? This is a truly delightful fall fruit combo. Instead of using strips of dough woven under and over one another, the latticelike design for this pie is formed by cutting squares from a rolled-out pate brisee. And there’s no waste; the cut-out pastry pieces are overlapped around the edge of the pie plate, adding to the spectacular effect.

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Photography by: Johnny Miller

Chocolate Espresso Tart

Gorgeous rosettes of espresso-flavored chocolate ganache top this tart -- and as if that weren't enough, undeneath them is a creamy layer of mascarpone ... and under that, a chocolate pastry crust.

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Photography by: Gentl and Hyers

Shingled-Leaf Brandy Apple Pie

A pie that really looks too good to cut into? All those perfect pastry leaves plus a brandy-enhanced apple filling make this a real autumn beauty.

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There's plenty more mouthwatering inspiration in our glorious "Pies & Tarts" book.