For every product purchased, this Martha Stewart American Made Market purveyor donates one bar of soap and one month of clean water to children in need. This past week they traveled to Haiti to meet with communities, deliver supplies, and repair broken wells. Today is the final day of their trip, but not the end of their story.
A mango tree stands in front of the brightly colored guesthouse.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

Every time we travel to Haiti, we visit the New Life Orphanage, one of the best orphanages in the country. It's located near the airport in Port-au-Prince, but once you enter the cheerfully painted security gate, you are immediately transported to a different world. The staff is always warm and welcoming, and the overnight guests help support the needs of the orphanage by paying to stay at the guesthouse on the property.

A cheerfully painted gate greets guests and the children who call New Life home.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

Past the gate, you're greeted by a massive mango tree encircled by rainbow-hued benches, where children regularly gather for songs and lessons. Beyond its bright-green branches, a rust-red tiled path lined by pink flowers guides you to the main guesthouse. Keeping with the theme, the long two-story building gleams with brilliant red, blue, yellow, and purple paint.

Children often gather under the branches of this giant mango tree.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

We stay in guest rooms that regularly sleep eight to 10 people residing in Haiti for various reasons: volunteers, couples in the yearlong adoption process, medical personnel, and building engineers –- among many others who have fallen in love with Haiti, just like us.

Paintings such as the one on the gardening shed adorn all the buildings at New Life.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

Because our flight home was in the early afternoon, we decided to skip the long car rides we had taken the past few days and stay on the property to play with the children. Wandering the grounds, we played fetch with a local stray dog that the orphanage had taken in, stumbled upon a couple of chickens leading their baby chicks around, and spent half an hour being tackled and hugged by the toddlers.

Hand in Hand team member Zofia Wolicki playing with one of the young boys living at New Life.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

New Life does many amazing things for the children who reside there, but we would like to highlight two in particular. First, they are one of the few organizations in the city working toward being fully self-sustainable. They raise chickens, turkeys, and fish on the property for meat and eggs. There is also a lush and varied vegetable garden and small field where corn is grown, which is maintained by the kids who live there.

A couple of turkeys roam the property, which includes a vegetable garden that the children help maintain.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

Second, they take in children with various levels of mental and physical disabilities. In a poverty-stricken place like Haiti, parents are often unable to care for children with these disabilities. Many of the orphans at New Life were homeless on the streets before being taken in. Here, they are not just surviving, but thriving. In a country where wheelchairs are unheard of, the children who need them have fully motorized transportation. A physical therapist visits several times a week to work with the children on mobility and fine motor skills. But the biggest impact of all is that they are wanted, loved, and respected by the people who run the orphanage.

Children happily playing with each other on the colorful playground.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

While playing and talking with the children and staff on the playground, we met a couple who had adopted a young girl a few years ago from the orphanage; they were all visiting together for the first time since her adoption. A few minutes into the conversation, we realized we had vivid memories of meeting their daughter years ago on our first trip to Haiti. Seeing her today, she was just as spunky as we remembered, and we were overjoyed to hear that she is happy, healthy, and loving life in the United States with her parents.

A boy from the orphanage with one of the stray puppies that they have taken in.
| Credit: Courtney Apple

Saying goodbye to this country that has become a second home to us is never easy. We know we will be back soon, ready to hit the ground running with new and impactful projects.

Thank you so much for following our journey. Read the other posts from our trip, and check back to see what new and exciting things we have planned! If you are interested in supporting our mission, you can purchase our products in the Martha Stewart American Made Market.


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