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Thanksgiving Menu Gone Wild: What "Trendsgiving" Taught Me About Tradition

Is Thanksgiving still Thanksgiving without a turkey? I made the world’s most ridiculous holiday feast -- and didn’t (totally) ruin the day.

Last year, I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner. I use the term loosely, because this was like no Thanksgiving dinner I’d eaten before. My good-humored family dubbed it “Trendsgiving”: The bird was replaced by cranberry-braised brisket (though turkey appeared in kielbasa form, tossed with the brussels sprouts). Quinoa-stuffed acorn squash made a bid for carb-in-chief. Mashed potatoes were cut with celeriac, apples, and blue cheese. Even dessert was reborn as a sweet potato cake topped with marshmallow frosting.

Definitely not a turkey.

It was a high-concept Pinterest board come to life. And you know what? It was pretty darn delicious. I spent hours plotting and cooking, and the results were as one might expect: thoughtful, original, well-executed … and utterly un-Thanksgiving. When all was said and done (and eaten), we really missed the turkey and the pumpkin pie -- and this year, you can bet we won’t be sopping up our gravy with quinoa.

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson
That's the stuff(ing).

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My family was great to humor me like they did, and of course the fact that we were together made the day special. But the menu’s success-cum-failure taught me the role tradition plays in shaping holiday memories. Sure, it’s great to try a new pie or a wild-card side dish, but you can experiment without throwing the familiar favorites (Mom’s mashed turnips -- yes, really!) out the window.

Photography by: Kate Mathis
Pumpkin-Cheesecake Pie. Back on the menu.

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Every treasured mainstay has a first time at the table. Just ... maybe don’t have them all at once. Go ahead, make the sweet potato cake -- but keep the turnips as a side dish. And definitely don’t do away with the after-dinner nap.


Will you try a new dish or tradition this year?