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9 Reasons to Be Thankful You "Ruined" the Thanksgiving Turkey

It's time to talk turkey. Or, more specifically, overcooked or otherwise inedible turkey. It's undoubtedly one of the most feared Thanksgiving Day disasters, and odds are it's happened to you. Of course, you could freak out over what went wrong and brace yourself to face your family with an empty platter -- or you could look at the bright side of things. After all, Martha says, "So the pie isn't perfect? Cut it into wedges." Here, we turn the table on this Thanksgiving fail.


1. The sweet potato casserole gets to take center stage for once. Turkey? Who needs turkey?

Make the Sweet Potato-Coconut Casserole

2. Pass the gravy -- there's so much more of it to go around. That lump-free gravy you finally perfected this year goes great on mashed potatoes, stuffing, and more!

How to Quickly Fix Lumpy Gravy

3. No tryptophan-induced naps after dinner. And no excuses for not helping to clear the table.

Photography by: William Brinson

4. You finally have an excuse to try one of these fresh alternatives. Pork with persimmons and mustard greens? Duck breast with cherry chutney? Roast beef with horseradish sauce? Sweet potato cannelloni? Sign us up.

Browse the Thanksgiving Main Dishes
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

5. You have more room on the table for a festive centerpiece.

Make the Golden Fall Leaves Centerpiece
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

6. These turkeys were cuter anyway. And they last much longer.

Make the Colorful Turkey Place Cards
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

7. Can we get an "amen" for less cleanup? There goes one less serving dish to worry about from your admittedly ambitious menu.

Make the Thanksgiving Banner Menu
Photography by: Kate Mathis

8. More room for pumpkin pie. And chocolate cream pie. And apple pie. Go on, cut yourself another slice.

Standout Pies for Thanksgiving

9. Best of all? There's always next year. New year, new chance to master that bird.