With 3,259 nominees for our 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards, the 16 judges had a tough time narrowing their choices down to just nine award winners. While combing through each and every profile, they found many makers with inspiring stories, beautiful packaging and design, strong ties to worthwhile causes, or a focus on an underappreciated craft. To recognize these finalists, the judges compiled an Honorable Mentions List and are spotlighting a few of their favorite small businesses in the categories of Heritage, Branding, Story, and Community.
Credit: Ryan Liebe

These six creative entrepreneurs were added to our 2014 Honorable Mentions List because of their commitment to classic techniques and handed-down traditions. Congratulations!

(See our entire list of 2014 American Made winners here.)

Mindy Mosser-Hartley
Cambridge, Ohio

Reminiscent of vintage jadeite, milk glass, and Depression glass, Mosser Glass's hand-pressed bowls, cake stands, and other tableware come in more than 30 colors. The family-run business got its start in 1971 in an abandoned chicken coop. Now these timeless goods are on view in a 2,100-square-foot showroom.

Credit: Kevin J. Miyazaki

Michael Salvatore

Chicago, the home of the famous Schwinn bikes, is once again a hub for bicycle production. At Heritage Bicycles, one part cafe and one part bike design and repair shop, Michael and Melissa Salvatore works with local artisans to make two utterly customizable products: American steel bikes and delicious coffee.


Matt Beaudoin

Mystic, Connecticut

Growing up, Matt Beaudoin was always tying nautical knots. His fascination with the skill never wavered, and he opened Mystic Knotwork to bring his handiwork to the masses. With the help of his family, Beaudoin crafts modern, colorful knotted rope jewelry, trivets, doormats, and other home accessories using this timeworn technique.


Margaux and Walter Kent

Husband-and-wife team Margaux and Walter Kent craft home goods and keepsakes that give old things new life. Made of found objects and used materials, each product has a story, from the vintage waxed canvas totes to the reclaimed 19th-century cypress wood chicken coops.


Jose, Maria, and Larisa Barrera

New York City

Even after more than 30 years, Jose and Maria Barrera's statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are still made entirely by hand in their New York City studio. The family-run company has grown in more ways than one -- the duo's three daughters are all involved in the business.


Chitra Agrawal

Culinary instructor Chitra Agrawal is putting a modern twist on the spicy Indian relish known as achaar that she grew up eating -- and she's introducing the exotic staple to a whole new audience. Agrawal combines traditional Indian cooking methods with bright, flavorful produce from nearby farms to create condiments in surprising flavors, such as gooseberry and rhubarb.


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