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Custom Painted Vases

Consider a white vase your blank canvas.

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Wash and dry ceramic vases with soap and water. Rub each vase with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

  2. Start each vase at the bottom. Tape off the bottom stripe where shown on each vase. Pounce the color shown; let dry. Apply a second coat if needed. Let paint dry; score edge of tape with craft knife before removing tape.

  3. Make sure not to apply tape over painted stripes.

  4. As you work up the vase, apply tape only to the top of each new stripe. Pounce the colors shown. Tip: To create a clean edge where a new stripe and a previous stripe meet, place a piece of paper at the edge of the stripe and pounce to create edge. Hold and move paper, working around the vase.

  5. Let each stripe dry. Work up the vase until complete.

  6. Let dry completely for 24 hours.

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