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Painted Napkin and Favor Place Setting

Choose to make it with or without the blue coaster.

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Silk-screen place card/party favor: Cut out desired letter from the Carolyna Script Alphabet and adhere the silk-screen to the surface of the party favor.

  2. Take a small basic brush and gently paint stencil with Copper metallic paint, making sure to cover all areas of the artwork. 

  3. Peel off silk-screen immediately.

  4. Painted striped napkin: Using stencil tape and patterning tape, mask off desired painting area on the edge of the napkin.

  5. Using a small brush, appy Fuchsia paint to surface. Let dry and repeat to apply more coats until desired effect is achieved. After paint is completely dry, peel tape to reveal the painted design. 

  6. If making coaster, paint plain wooden coaster with Wild Blueberry; let dry completely.

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