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Roast Turkey Takedown: Our Recipe Wins the Internet!

The results are in, and our friends at have declared our Herbed, Roasted Turkey recipe the best on the web. Well, we know what we're thankful for this year.

Senior Digital Food Editor

We roast about 20 turkeys every year (usually in July -- yes, that's how magazine stories come together!), and we’ve been doing so for the last 25 years. So yes, we know from roast turkey.

We’ve brined the bird (wet and dry), stuffed it, grilled it, spatchcocked it, and last year we used parchment.

Still, we were flattered to learn that -- in a recent test -- one of our roast turkey recipes came out on top! The team at Epicurious tested five basic recipes -- ones without brine or stuffing (though aromatics in the turkey cavity were allowed) -- using five turkeys of approximately the same size from the same source.

After gobbling them all up, the one they liked best was ... drum roll, please ... our Herbed, Roasted Turkey!

Matt Duckor, Epicurious restaurant editor, explains why:

“We loved Martha’s [turkey] for a few reasons. Namely, the herb oil under the skin is killer -- it yielded the crispiest skin and best breast meat with very little effort. The simple addition of lemon and rosemary in the cavity and apple cider in the pan stepped up the overall flavor of the bird. The oven stays at 350 the entire time, rather than requiring a temperature change, without compromising the integrity of the skin.”

Click over to to see which other turkey recipes were in the running -- maybe you can even host a turkey-off at home!