Holiday Jars

Craft a snowy centerpiece.


Skill Level: Easy

Time: 20 to 30 minutes

What You'll Need



  1. thd-hht-holiday-holidayjars-02-1114_vert

    Affix the wire lights' battery pack to the outside of a juice glass by wrapping the lights around the glass and the battery pack. Tape the end if needed.

  2. thd-hht-holiday-holidayjars-03-1114_vert

    Place the glass upside down in the bottom of the apothecary jar.

  3. thd-hht-holiday-holidayjars-04-1114_vert

    Fill the jar with enough salt or faux snow to just cover the glass and battery pack.

  4. thd-hht-holiday-holidayjars-05-1114_vert

    Turn on the battery pack. Place a church ornament on top of the glass.

  5. thd-hht-holiday-holidayjars-06-1114_vert

    Insert some evergreen pieces and cover.

  6. Use the jar as a centerpiece, or place a pair on the mantel for a festive touch.

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