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15 Undeniable Signs You Grew Up in a Martha Stewart Home

And perfectionist complex notwithstanding, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

1. Your family vacations are hard-bound for posterity.

Photography by: Raymond Hom

2. You spent your Saturdays antiquing. And you liked it.

Photography by: One Kings Lane

3. Your school lunches looked like this.

Photography by: Raymond Hom

4. And your birthday cakes looked like this.


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5. You laugh in the face of white carpet/clothing/furniture.

Photography by: Christopher Baker

6. But if things get messy, you know just what to do.


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7. The J in your PB and J sandwich was always homemade -- from batches you canned at the end of the growing season.

Photography by: John Kernick

8. And, let's be honest, the PB was homemade too.

Photography by: Mike Krautter

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9. You had a "craft room." And it looked like this.


10. A torn shirt wasn't a disaster -- it was an opportunity.


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11. You never had hip, sugary cereals ... but there were always fresh muffins on the counter.

blueberry banana muffins
Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

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12. You didn't realize you could actually buy toys ready-made.

13. I mean, why wouldn't you fold your laundry immediately?!


14. The real gift of Christmas was getting to make these.

basic sugar cookies stars
Photography by: Minh + Wass

15. "First, make the bed" wasn't a house rule. It was a way of life -- and still is.