Work on these colorful crafts now, then look forward to adding the finished products into your seasonal wardrobe come autumn.
Credit: Bucru Avsar

Some of the best fashion moments feature items you've made yourself. Whether you'd like to update a scarf, like the ones pictured above, or you plan on knitting yourself a cozy set of mittens and headband for the cool weather, we're sharing some of our favorite fall fashion crafts to help you get your wardrobe ready for the new season. Work on these projects now so that you can wear them all autumn long.

Start with a Scarf

The style forecast calls for our favorite bundle-up accessory: a scarf. Give your knit scarf a glittery, shimmery makeover. Embellishing with sequin strips, trims, and ribbons in autumnal colors will make it shine—and when it's billowing in the breeze, it looks just like leaves caught in sunlight.


Add Rosettes to Anything

If knitting doesn't spark your interest, not to worry—these no-knit rosettes are just the thing to add to your favorite cardigan. They'll make a subtle statement within your autumn wardrobe. Is there anything prettier than the sight of fall leaves tumbling down from their tree boughs into the wind? Similarly, is there anything more romantic than these soft mohair rosettes tumbling down the front of your buttoned cardigan?


Make an Iron-On Appliqué Necklace

The changing of the seasons (and therefore, the changing of the leaves from lively green to muted gold) can be hard to capture. This iron-on leafy appliqué—gilded in gold thread—is strung from metallic cord or ribbon to craft a seasonal statement. To make this fall craft, simply choose your embroidered iron-on trim, which typically comes on a roll and is purchased by the yard and carefully cut into the trim using a pair of scissors. Then, on a flat surface, piece together your desired design. For the most durable necklaces, make sure the appliqué pieces overlap one another. On another flat surface, lay out a piece of fabric, cutting slightly larger than the design—the fabric layer will back your appliqué and ensure that your necklace is sturdy. Then cut a piece of cord or ribbon to the desired necklace length, drape it on the fabric, transfer the design onto the fabric, and sandwich the cord. Iron all of the layers to seal the necklace together, and let cool. Use detail scissors to cut away any excess fabric before trimming the ribbon to the desired length, and knotting the loose ends to finish

Credit: Myers Robertson

Sew a Daring Wrap Skirt

This dramatic ankle-length skirt in silk taffeta is as simple to make (and wear) as a sarong. The sound of the silk taffeta folds brushing along with your stride evokes the sound of rustling leaves. To make this autumnal piece, buy 2 to 2 1/2 yards of 60-inch wide silk taffeta. Finish the edges by folding them over and sew using a sewing machine. Then hold one corner of the fabric against your left hip, and wrap the fabric twice around your body. Grabbing a small handful of fabric about 6 inches in from the corner you just wrapped around your body and double-knot it to the corner you're holding against your hip. Finally, adjust the skirt so the draped portion is in the back

Create Your Own Earrings in Autumnal Shades

Work with an autumnal color palette. Think earthy browns, deep reds, and mustard yellows. Above, Erin Furey of DIY Style shows how easy it is to make a pair of these unique accessories.


Knit Cabled Headband

This gorgeous knitting DIY is just the thing to add to your wardrobe this fall. In a rich burnt orange hue, it'll look gorgeous no matter your hair color. No matter if you're learning now or you're a seasoned knitter, our DIY also teaches you how to create a cable stitch.


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