New This Month

Francesca and Sharkey Build a Greenhouse

Can you feel that chill in the air? Fall has settled in, and we Frenchies lend a helping paw to construct a warm, cozy home for the farm plants.


Hey, Francesca, what's going on over there?


Martha is having a brand-new greenhouse built to keep her growing plant collection warm during the coming winter.


Let's help the guys put it together!


First, they bolt the skeleton onto these two long boards on each side of the structure.


After having measured both sides of the frame base and getting them in perfect position, Chhiring put these heavy cement weights on the boards to hold the structure in place.


Then they assembled these long metal poles that will serve as reinforcements around the rest of the structure.


I helped Fernando put this one together!


Once they assemble the long poles, they bolt metal mounts to the top of the structure and lock the poles into them.


What are you doing up there, Franny?


I'm helping bolt the poles in place. It's not easy work, but Chhiring and Fernando are doing a great job!


I can't wait to put all the plants in. Francesca and I will be back to tell you all about that soon!