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Breakfast At Zombie's: Michelle Phan's Halloween Makeup

One of Hollywood's most iconic figures is given a hair-raising Halloween twist when Michelle Phan goes "zombie glam."

Is this an Audrey Hepburn costume or a zombie-back-from-the-dead costume? You don't have to "make up" your mind one way or the other. And whoa, that jaw is scary.


Makeover maven Michelle Phan shows us how to put together a Halloween look that evokes both the grace of Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the scare factor of a zombie risen from the grave. It's definitely equal parts shriek and chic! Michelle says you can create this zombie look for any of your favorite iconic celebrities. Maybe a zombified Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, or Elizabeth Taylor?


Ready to re-create this look? All you need is a string of pearls, a little black dress, and, you know, some zombified touches. Mainly, there's the gruesome, gory jaw, which is made of liquid latex and tissue paper. She says that it's best to work in thin layers (don't worry if the tissues don't lay smoothly -- this just adds to the fleshy, textured effect you want), applying strips of tissue onto your face. Think of it as a zombie facial! Blend the mask into your complexion by dabbing foundation or flesh-colored cream all over your tissue mask. For the rest, get her tips in the video below:


Looking for more inspiration? You can get tips on Michelle's channel here and, of course, don't forget to check out all of our Halloween tutorials, including pumpkin-carving how-tos, spooky treats, and last-minute costume ideas on our "Shriek or Chic" page. Join in on the fun using #shriekorchic.