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How to Host a Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch

Brunch is good for the soul, and this one is good for all womankind. Register with Komen's Passionately Pink, and gather to raise funds and awareness -- and enjoy some scrumptious cancer-fighting foods.


Brunch is all about quality time with your girls. So to kick things off, give 'em a squeeze. Yes, we mean what you think we do -- and it’s nothing to blush at! An open dialogue about breast health is crucial, and half the reason we’re throwing down. When you send out your invites, add a note reminding guests to do a checkup, and read our recent feature on breast health to make sense of some common concerns.

Time to move on to a different kind of squeezing -- preparing fresh juice for your brunch! Serve this pink ribbon punch -- made with celery, apple, ginger, and beet -- and no one will miss the mimosas.

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Smoked salmon and radish deviled eggs are a pink-tinged nibble overflowing with healthy omega-3s. Balance savory and sweet with Martha’s pink applesauce tart -- you know what they say about an apple a day.

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Real fruit, coconut oil, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate -- these rosy-hued raspberry macaroons are paragons of health. Fresh raspberries are tough to come by this time of year; luckily, thawed frozen berries will work beautifully in this recipe.


A rose centerpiece is a lovely nod to the pink theme. If your crowd has a sense of humor, carve your floral foam in the shape of a bra.

Photography by: Paul Sunday

Once you’ve eaten, it’s time to wash your hands -- and go a step further. Manicures for the cure, anyone? For a craftier crowd, use pink ribbon to craft keepsakes with meaning: Glue stars and rosettes onto refrigerator magnets, a reminder to stay on top of health care appointments.


To make your brunch a true benefit, register with an organization like Komen's Passionately Pink, and set a suggested donation. Guests can donate online or drop them in a beautiful box by the door.