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Step On It: Four Easy Ways to Help Your Rugs Stay Dirt-Free

Once your floor covering looks as good as new, you’ll want to keep it that way. Consistent maintenance is key.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Every Day

Wipe off shoes on a textured mat set outside your door, then take them off immediately to avoid tracking dirt into your home.

Rope Natural coir doormat, by Creative Accents, 22" by 36", $32,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Once a Week

Regular vacuuming can improve your rug’s appearance and, in turn, the room’s air quality. This model’s HEPA filter traps 99 percent of dirt and dust.

Air Steerable bagless upright, $190,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Every Few Months

Between deep-cleanings, spruce up the entire carpet with this organic powder, which absorbs accumulated oils and stains like a sponge without using water.

Carpet-cleaning kit, $30,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

As Needed

Clean up spills immediately with a natural spray; this one features live enzyme cultures. Be sure to blot the area dry -- rubbing will push stains deeper into the rug.

Bac-Out stain and odor remover, $10 for 32 oz.,