New This Month

Francesca and Sharkey Meet Martha's New Peacocks

Recently, Martha received four new baby peacocks -- or "peachicks" -- as a gift. We Frenchies were excited to meet our new feathered friends.


Look, Sharkey! There are four new baby peacocks Martha received as a gift! They're so little ... and cute! Martha's friend has two grown-up male peacocks and one grown-up female peacock -- so this is where the babies came from.


This is one of two male peacocks owned by Martha's friend. He is a blue, or Indian, peacock -- and his name is Eddie!


Sharkey, did you know that the term "peacock" is commonly used to refer to birds of both sexes, even though technically, only males are peacocks? Females are peahens. Together, the two are called peafowl. Babies are called peachicks.


This is Eddie with the female of the group, named Maryann. The males are the showy ones -- they need bright feathers to attract a mate. The females have subdued coloring, which provides them with camouflage against predators when they incubate their eggs.


Francesca, look at this! This is Eddie with his tail feathers, or train, arched into a magnificent fan shape. Females are believed to choose their mates according to the size, color, and quality of these incredible feather trains. One of the peachicks might grow up to look like this!


Wow! Beautiful! The male peachick will grow up to look like that?


Very possibly, Franny. It's hard to believe this little thing will grow up to be one of the biggest flying birds on earth and may end up weighing as much as 13 pounds!


And when they grow up, Martha says they are going to live over there, in the corn crib, here on the farm.


This is a great place for them because peacocks, like their turkey cousins, love to perch up very high. They will have lots of room in here.


Sharkey and I are so excited to have four little peachicks added to our farm family!