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In Our Pantry: Harissa

The next Sriracha? Add spice and heat to all kinds of recipes with this favorite North African chili paste.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Harissa is as common in North Africa as ketchup is in the United States. Even the simplest version, made from just chiles, salt, and olive oil, tastes wonderfully complex. Imagine, then, the delicious nuances in variations of the paste: Some brands add aromatic garlic; others, heady spices, tangy tomatoes, or preserved lemons. Sold in cans, jars, and tubes, this condiment brings layers of flavor and sweet heat to all kinds of dishes -- try it in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Make Your Own Harissa -- Here's How

Try harissa, homemade or store-bought, in these recipes:

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Harissa, Goat Cheese, and Herb Tart

Serve this cheesy, spicy appetizer -- made with frozen puff pastry -- at your next drinks party.

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Sweet-and-Sour Chicken

Not the usual, this fresh, spicy rendition of a favorite chicken dinner pairs orange marmalade with harissa for chicken cutlets -- and dinner is on the table in less than 15 minutes.

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Roasted Acorn Squash with Harissa

Do you adore roasted acorn squash as much as we do? If you also love a touch of spice, try this version.

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Green-Pea Burgers with Harissa Mayo

This pretty rose-colored condiment with a subtle heat is so good you'll want to slather it on all your summer sandwiches and burgers, not just these delicious pea burgers:

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