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Sweater Zipper Pulls

The hole in a zipper pull always seems to suggest something is missing. Fill the gap with a pom-pom, tassel, orphaned charm, or bead.

Photography: STEPHEN LEWIS

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Chain-nose pliers

  • 1/4-inch or 3/16-inch jump ring

  • Pom-pom, tassel, orphaned charm, or bead

  • Eye pin (optional)

  • Wire cutters (only if using an eye pin)


  1. With chain-nose pliers open a 1/4-inch or 3/16-inch jump ring; thread through loop in object and then through zipper; close with chain-nose pliers. 

  2. Alternately, to attach an object that has no loop (such as a bead), insert an eye pin through it. Snip wire with wire cutters, leaving 1/2 inch. With tip of pliers, make a small loop at cut end. Attach object to zipper pull with a jump ring.

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