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Baking by the Book: "Baking Chez Moi"

A new cookbook from a favorite baker makes French desserts accessible.

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I fell in love (at first bite) with Dorie Greenspan when I made her “punitions,” sweet little butter cookies made famous at the Poilane boulangerie in Paris. Dorie had wrangled the recipe from world-renowned baker Lionel Poilane himself and included it in her 2002 cookbook, "Paris Sweets." Now, in "Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere," Dorie continues to do what Dorie does -- live in Paris, coax recipes from their makers, and translate the glory of French desserts for us mortals.


For instance, Chocolate Creme Caramel may sound, look, and taste fancy -- but it calls for only four ingredients and uses milk -- not cream -- so she refers to it as “lite.” Hardly the pinnacle of haute patisserie, this recipe instead has its roots in bistros and French family tables.

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Dorie says vanilla bean sablees -- with crispy edges and cakey centers -- are the chocolate chip cookies of France.

Dorie describes how, when she was working with great chefs, “after they’d described their latest fabulously imaginative creations, they’d tell me about their mothers’ sturdy chocolate cakes ... or the creme caramel from the corner cafe that made them just as happy as their own beautifully layered puff pastry.” Et voila! Turns out the great chefs appreciate Mama’s cooking just as much as I do.


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