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One-Pot Stars: Stockpots and Saucepans

From sauces and soups to pastas and stews, stockpots and saucepans are your go-to pots for simmering and boiling.

Photography by: Christina Holmes

What Is a Stockpot?

Ranging in capacity from 6 to 20 quarts, a stockpot is a large pot with straight sides, two looped side handles, and a tight-fitting lid. Though all variations are quite useful, not many people have the storage space to accommodate every size. We recommend two pots: For everyday cooking, the 8-quart option is a safe bet to meet your needs. And a 12- to 14-quart stockpot proves effective for making big batches, like soups and stews such as Kimchi Stew with Chicken and Tofu. This large pot can tackle most big jobs -- even Stovetop Clambakes.


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Choosing a Style

When deciding between different styles, choose features based on function and form. Wider pots are often preferable to taller ones, simply because they are more practical: It’s easier to peer into the pot and to stir ingredients, for instance when making applesauce from your apple-picking bounty.


The same goes for the handles on the stockpot. Look for a vessel with comfortable, secure handles. Test it out to ensure youll have a firm grip lifting the pot when its filled with 6 quarts of, say, hot Sweet Potato-Sausage Soup.


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What Is a Saucepan?

Saucepans are much smaller than stockpots -- usually ranging in size from 1 to 4 quarts -- and have a solid frame, long handle, and tight-fitting lid. Their tall, straight sides prevent rapid moisture loss, which is exactly what you need when making sauce or steaming. You really can’t go wrong with a 3- or 4-quart saucepan. It's large enough to handle everyday cooking duties, like poaching eggs, blanching vegetables, and making rice, and it can be used for medium-sized batches of soup and pasta.

When choosing a saucepan, opt for one with walls that are as thick as the bottom; this will help distribute the heat evenly. And be sure the pan you buy has a tight-fitting lid.


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  • If you have storage room for only a couple of stockpots, consider an 8-quart for everyday use and a 12- to 14-quart for large-batch cooking (think soup and chili).
  • Consider a wider stockpot over a tall, narrow one, as it makes it easier to see what's inside.
  • An 3- or 4-quart saucepan is indispensable for a multitude of kitchen tasks.

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