Sometimes a rising star can teach us more than a supernova.

I like to think of myself as young at heart. Sure, I wear suits and live in a decidedly grown-up apartment -- but I also make it a point to experience new things, meet new people, and generally shake up my routine. And I have PB and J for lunch at least once a week.

I can't deny, though, that my experience gives me a point of view when it comes to design. No matter what sources I look to for influence, I'm prone to interpret them a certain way -- and I find that others my age often bear similar filters.

To avoid getting stuck, I love to see what "the kids" are up to -- that is, the influencers who fall at the more fresh-faced end of the spectrum. Ryan Korban is one of those rising stars -- really just a star, at this point -- and his new book is a delightful telescope into his mind.

Credit: Courtesy of Harper Design

As you can see, "Luxury Redefined" shows Ryan's process with refreshing transparency. His rooms are rich but formulaic -- a good thing, in my book -- and seeing his references makes the final product that much more interesting. Voyeurism is always enjoyable, but I especially like seeing how iconography is interpreted in a young mind. You might show me the same image -- say, a woman in a fabulous fur coat -- and I'd turn out something totally different.


You already know I value thoughtful, contextual styling, so Ryan's work is right up my alley. A picture book with tons to teach me? Makes me feel like a kid again.


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