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Everything You Need to Throw a One-Pot Party

What’s the opposite of a potluck? A party that revolves around just one pot as a backdrop for intimate chats and shared sensory experiences. Grab a few close friends -- and a few party essentials -- and settle in for a meal that’ll make you wonder why you ever entertained with more than one dish.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

A party that’s all about comfort level should serve up some serious comfort food. Our skillet mac can be made four different ways: with mushrooms and fontina, spring veggies and goat cheese, bacon and gouda, or a straight-up blend of three luscious cheeses. This is no time for propriety -- forget the plates, and battle it out for the crispy crust with your forks.

Or go the sweet route with a skillet chocolate chip cookie that'll have guests sawing off "one more sliver" until nothing remains. For a no-holds-barred girls’ night approach, try a pan of no-churn ice cream; if you're not into double-dipping, edible cookie spoons are a festive workaround.

Photography by: Seth Smoot

A piping-hot pan should sit atop something worthy of its contents. Use time not spent cooking to weave a hypnotic braided trivet, or look to copper or velvet for a luxe lift.


Give a tongue-in-cheek nod to the one-dish theme by “setting” your table with stamps or trompe l'oeil doodles. A minimalist julep cup can corral the unfortunately non-negotiable silverware.

And what better party favor than a copy of our new book, "One Pot: 120+ Easy Meals from Your Skillet, Slow Cooker, Stockpot, and More"? Send off your guests with an arsenal of delicious one-pot recipes -- and a promise of more good times to come.


Would you throw a one-pot party?