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15 Genius Ways to Use a Fork

Forks aren't just for feeding anymore. Go for gold with these silverware hacks for your kitchen and beyond.

Take your pie to the next level.

Turn frozen fruit into dessert.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Get the Icy Melon Granitas Recipe


Shred some serious pork shoulder.


Get the Easy Pork Shoulder Recipe


Or some serious squash ...

Get the Spaghetti Squash Recipe


Or fluff the fluffiest rice that ever fluffed.

white rice in bowl yellow background

Make adorable, giftable soaps.

Photography by: Lisa Hubbard

Get the Striped Soaps How-To


And potato-stamp baby clothes.


Get the Potato-Print Baby Clothes How-To


Or craft really legit-looking gnocchi ...


Get the Simple Potato Gnocchi Recipe


... And peanut butter cookies that would put any cafeteria to shame.

peanut butter cookies
Photography by: Con Poulos

Get the Easy Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe


Set your table for success.

Photography by: George Ross

Or just impress guests with this.

Photography by: VICTOR SCHRAGER

Get the Balancing Act How-To


Promote it to main course.


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Arm your DIY demons for battle.


Get the Mini Pumpkin Creatures How-To


Spin sugar into edible clouds of Instagram-worthy whimsy.


Get the Spun Sugar How-To


And when all else fails ...


There's always avocado toast.


Your move, spatula.