Join the Living Book Club this season as we tackle our summer reading list. This week we're slipping Cathleen Schine's "Fin & Lady" into our beach bags.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

If you're looking for a quick read for a weekend away, Cathleen Schine's "Fin & Lady" should be first on your list of books to snag. Schine, best known for her novel "The Three Weissmanns of Westport," writes a charmingly bittersweet story about the love between siblings. Fin, orphaned at a very young age, moves to New York City to live with his much older sister, Lady, and learns quickly that older doesn't necessarily mean wiser.

Wildly impulsive and irresistible, Lady overwhelms Fin at first, but they learn much from each other over the years. Schine's twist on the coming-of-age tale is both elegant and well-suited for your overnight bag, and this paperback makes a light and welcome addition to your travels.


It's 1964. Eleven-year-old Fin and his glamorous, worldly, older half sister, Lady, have just been orphaned, and Lady, whom Fin hasn't seen in six years, is now his legal guardian and his only hope. That means Fin is uprooted from a small dairy farm in rural Connecticut, landing in Greenwich Village in the middle of the swinging '60s. He soon learns that Lady -- giddy, impulsive, and pursued by an ardent and dogged set of suitors -- is as much his responsibility as he is hers. Cathleen Schine's "Fin & Lady" is a comic love story for the ages: an enchanting novel of a brother and sister who must form their own unconventional family in increasingly unconventional times.

As always, let us know what you think as you read along! There's still more to come this summer, so make sure to check back in for other great books.


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