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Funny Face Pumpkins

An eccentric collector displays his black basalt Wedgwood stoneware alongside wacky, wide-eyed pumpkins modeled after cardboard jack-o'-lanterns from the early 20th century. Create an array of your own expressions by carving basic shapes into pumpkins and pinning paper features inside.

Photography: Marua McEvoy

Source: Martha Stewart


Combine different eye, nose, and mouth designs to achieve the look you want.


  • Pumpkin

  • Keyhole saw

  • Plaster scraper

  • Heavyweight paper

  • Awl

  • Miniature saw

  • Scissors

  • Ball pins

  • Linoleum cutter


  1. With a keyhole saw, cut a hole in bottom of pumpkin; scoop out insides with a plaster scraper. Photocopy or download and print face clip art, enlarging or reducing to desired size, making one copy on regular paper and one copy on heavyweight paper; cut out.

  2. Tape facial features on the regular-weight paper onto the pumpkin to use as a template. Trace by poking holes around the edges of each feature with an awl. Remove template. Saw out center of each feature.

  3. Using ball pins, attach features on heavyweight paper behind corresponding cutouts. There is no need to illuminate these decorations.

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