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Ogre Halloween Costume

Other Halloween revelers may turn green with envy when they see how a big ogre can come together with so little effort: Our teenaged forest-dweller wears tattered clothes and a vest made from fake fur. His putrid pallor comes from face paint (all the way down to his oversize feet); wonky teeth and stick-on horns enhance his vile appearance.

Photography: Anna Williams

Source: Martha Stewart


Use any old clothes, preferably in a solid, earth-tone color, for the foundation of this costume. Make the clothes look tattered by cutting the edges unevenly.


  • Faux fur, 1 yard

  • Basic sewing supplies

  • Green makeup

  • Faux horns, teeth, and feet


  1. For the vest, cut faux fur into 3 pieces, trimming edges unevenly: 1 piece 24 by 21 inches (for the back) and 2 pieces 24 by 10 inches (for the front). Trim one corner on each front piece for the notched neck. Pin pieces with right sides together. Sew along shoulders and sides, leaving about 10 inches open for armholes.

  2. For features and makeup, apply a thin, patchy coat of green makeup on fake feet, face, and other exposed skin (such as arms and hands). Apply horns to forehead according to package instructions. Put in fake teeth.

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