You don't have to go to great lengths to become Rapunzel. Here, her famous hair is made of rope; the braid is looped at one end and rests on her head like a crown. A twin-sized sateen sheet makes an elegant no-sew skirt with nothing more than a pin in the back and a ribbon around the waist.

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Make the rope braids any length you like; we started with three 50-foot lengths of rope (resulting in a 36-foot braid) for a very dramatic 'do! Keep in mind that long braids can get heavy and need to be held -- an important consideration for a young Rapunzel who will be trick-or-treating. We pinned a braided 18-inch hair extension around our Rapunzel's head before adding the rope braid, but that's optional.

Step 2

For the braid, hot-glue the ends of three 50-foot pieces of rope (or other length; see above). Start braiding them; when you have enough braid to fit the head like a crown, use hot glue to secure the loop. Continue braiding to the length you want. Hot-glue the ends, and tie with ribbon. Position on the head, pinning as desired for a secure fit.

Step 3

For the outfit, fold the sheet in half width-wise. With fold at top, wrap it around the waist, with the opening at the back (trim sheet as needed for a younger Rapunzel, or use a smaller piece of fabric). Pin where the fabric meets. Pair with a simple blouse, and tie a ribbon around waist for a sash.


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