A preteen's startling moonlit transformation gives new meaning to the term "growing pains." Theatrical makeup, two wild wigs (one cleverly cut and reassembled into furry details), and ferocious fangs can bring out anyone's inner animal.

Dramatic makeup and wigs cut into fur create most of the impact here, so there's no need for elaborate clothing; an everyday outfit suggests a transformation in progress.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

For the makeup, use a makeup sponge to apply light-gray cream makeup to face, lips, neck, and hands. (If you can't find gray cream makeup, mix black and white to the desired shade.)

Step 2

With a makeup brush and black cream makeup, paint shadows around eyes, around and under nose, and in the dimple below nose. Use black eyeliner to line eyes and to pencil in a dark unibrow.

Step 3

Use black cream makeup and a small makeup brush to define bags under eyes, lines around mouth, and shadows on chin.

Step 4

Apply black cream makeup to lips. Use black makeup to darken hands, especially around knuckles (see photo, below).

Step 5

For the wig and fur, start with 2 short, shaggy gray wigs. Put on first wig; tousle into desired style. Cut base of second wig into pieces, leaving hair long and shaggy, to make muttonchop sideburns (about 2 inches square), fur for hands (about 2 inches square), and chest hair (about 4 inches square). Slip sideburns under wig, in front of ears. Affix fur to hands, underneath shirt cuffs, with wardrobe tape. Tuck chest hair down front of shirt.

Step 6

For the claws, apply makeup to hands as described above. Use small, sharp scissors to trim a set of press-on nails into pointed claws. Paint nails black with acrylic paint; let dry. Apply nails following package instructions, or affix with strong double-sided tape.


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