With her streaked hair and striking red lipstick, this sinister sweetheart sure makes a fashion statement. To complement such bold hair and makeup, keep the rest of the costume simple: You need little more than an easy-to-assemble bedsheet "shroud" and some bandages to complete the look.

A homemade wig is more chic and better fitting than a store-bought alternative, especially for kids. This model starts with an oversized curly black novelty wig, which is then trimmed down and embellished with white yarn.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Use a makeup sponge to apply white cream makeup to face.

Step 2

Use a black eye pencil to draw in heavy brows, tilting them upward at the outer corners.

Step 3

Add gray eye shadow under brow line, blending with black eye shadow to create a dramatic, smoky eye. Apply black eye pencil around upper and lower lids, and finish with black mascara.

Step 4

With red lip liner, draw an exaggerated Cupid's bow over lips; fill in with liner. Apply clear lip gloss over liner.

Step 5

For the sleeves, dye 2 Ace bandages gray using black fabric dye; let dry. Cut thumbholes in the corners of the bandages. Insert thumbs and wrap bandages around arms, safety-pinning together behind shoulders.

Step 6

For the shroud, fold an ivory twin-size flat sheet in half lengthwise and then again horizontally. For a neckhole, cut a rounded wedge half the width of head from the corner and unfold sheet; drape over shoulders. Gather at shoulders and tie with twine to cinch. Trim excess length from hem, if needed.

Step 7

For the wig, download and print the template; cut out. Use template to cut a rounded triangle from a large, curly, black wig (measure hairline all around head and adjust size if necessary). Hot-glue two 9-inch strips of Velcro where indicated, with loop side on one inside edge and soft side on opposite outside edge. Cut two 28-inch pieces of thick white yarn; unravel with fingers until loose and hairlike. Hot-glue edge of 1 piece to each side of wig's underside as indicated. Pull yarn to outside of wig; tease into curls with fingers to form a lightning-bolt pattern and secure with white craft glue. Wrap wig around head, securing in place with Velcro.


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